Saturday, 23 May 2009

New Website Products At Chez Gloria!

After a busy two weeks . . both on the website and in the hot glass studio . . I thought it was about time that I updated everyone on whats been happening at! . . apart from our 15% Off All Products for the Bank Holiday Weekend!

First off . . I hadn't realised just how perfect some of the jewellery making blanks on the website were for making Steampunk Jewellery . . as you might recall about 10 days ago I blogged about a bangle made by one of our customers in the Steampunk Genre . . and since then there has been quite a bit of interest in this . . So I spent a bit of time looking around and exploring Steampunk . . and I've managed to find a couple of great suppliers of watch movements and clock and watch parts for Steampunk Jewellery Making! Along with that, I've added some more blanks to the site as well and we've now got more than 220 stock items. So . . Here's a taster of what we've got coming to the website very soon . .

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