Tuesday, 19 May 2009

New Glass Project At Chez Gloria! - Completed

It's Fiiiiniiished! . . spent the whole afternoon gently shaping it on the grinder and then hand finished all the edges with a very very fine diamond hand pad! . . then spent yonks trying to get a decent photo! . . haven't managed it yet . . so you'll all just have to make do with this one . . anyway I'm bloomin' KO'd now! . . and definitely deserve a really good cuppa . . .

I'll post it separately as a finished piece . . have named it "Sea Foam" . . but it needs a base . . so I'll make one later this week and fully finish it off!

As you can imagine . . I'm very very pleased with the end result! *She says with a huge grin on her face!*


  1. That is truly stunning -
    *jaw drops in appreciation*
    Nic xx

  2. wow thats truly beautiful Gloria x

  3. Wow , it is gorgeous and the name is perfect

  4. Caught my eye in the sea of new posts of blogs I am following, looking forward to seeing finished item.

  5. wow its fantastic.. really beautiful!

  6. I can say nothing but WOW!
    It's truly beautiful, and I love the colours.

  7. Oh My it is exquisitely beautiful. There are no words really. It reminds me of a beautiful gentle warm lapping wave.
    I've been following all your blog posts and messages here in crafter...oo and felt really nervous that nothing happens to it. It looks such a careful, fragile process - all your hours of monitoring and nurturing have truly paid off. I've no doubt that this will be snapped out of your hands in no time Gloria. Do you do exhibitions, if you don't, you really should start.
    Congratulations on a beautiful piece of art.

  8. Wow what an exquisite piece, really beautiful xxx

  9. It turned out great, Really love the shape

  10. Wow! . . Thank you everybody for commenting so far . . such a positive reaction . . it has spurred me on to making another one!