Sunday, 3 May 2009

Fabulous Gift Received AT Chez Gloria

A couple of weeks ago I sent an unused Pillar Drill to a fellow crafter and silversmith - Carole Allen - it was sitting about in my studio still in it's original box, never used and just taking up shelf space. Carole said she was looking for a Pillar Drill so I sent it to her for the cost of the postage . . she did me a big favour by clearing some much needed shelf space! Well . . yesterday a package arrived at Chez Gloria from Carole . . and inside was the most beautiful silver pendant hand made by Carole. I was amazed . . it's absolutley gorgeous . . and soo unusual too! . .

So a big Thank You to Carole for the gift . . It's fabulous . . and I shall be wearing it quite a bit I think!


  1. How fabulous - Karma is such a wonderful thing :)