Saturday, 6 June 2009

Lovely Kind Gift Received At Chez Gloria This Morning!

A very special lady sent me a wonderfully kind gift which arrived this morning . . and I was moved to tears over receiving it because it was totally unexpected! A few weeks ago Katharine from Woolly Wotnots and I were Personal Messaging each other on Crafteroo about stained glass and her and her Dad having a go at it . . I had some bits and pieces and a few pattern and introductory books lying around from my own foray into the world of stained glass so I sent them to her because I thought she and her dad would make better use of them than I was! So out of the blue she sent me these: I love pink . . I love games that remind me of my childhood . . and I love my two cats! So the gift was absolutely perfect . . everything was beautifully presented in the box . . each one wrapped in pink or pale turquoise blue tissue paper and tied with gorgeous ribbon! Katharine . . thank you so much for thinking about me . . it was a truly lovely surprise!

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