Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Bullseye Reactive Glass Testing - Results In At Chez Gloria!

We've been running some tests on the new Bullseye Reactive Glass - Reactive Cloud Opal and Reactive Ice Clear - and the results are in! We used frit or stringer in colours that are known to be Copper (Cu) Bearing Glasses - Turq. Blue Opal/Transp, Teal Green Opal, Jade Green Opal, Steel Blue Opal, Egyptian Blue Opal, Light Cyan Opal, Kelly Green Transp, Light Aquamarine Transp, Light Turq. Blue Transp and Emerald Green Transp. The samples were fired on 2" square 6mm stacks of the Reactive Cloud / Reactive Ice on the following Schedule: 400F/h to 1150F 50F/h to 1250F hold 60 mins AFAP to 1475F hold 10 mins AFAP to 960F hold 60 mins 150F/h to 700F 700F to room temp at natural cooling rate kiln off We got reactions on Turq. Blue Opal/Transp, Teal Green Opal, Light Cyan Opal, Lt Aquamarine Transp & Lt Turq. Blue Transp
You can view full sized photo's in our flickr photo set.
If you would like more information on the "reactivity" of Bullseye Fusing Glass then follow this link to Bullseye's Glass Tips: Glass Tips


  1. I love reactions, and these new glasses are fab!

  2. Ooooh, the possibilities.... ;-D